Build a Strong Core

Your core consists of all the muscles in your hips, abdomen and back. By working your core, you can train all of these muscles to work together, which will improve your balance and posture. Working your core, can also reduce your risk of injury. Most people have a strength imbalance between their low back and abs. By strengthening your core, you reduce the imbalances, which are a potential source of injury. A strong core helps transfer force to and from the body’s extremities efficiently so that you can perform well. A great way to develop core strength is through Kickboxing. Kickboxing will teach you how to activate and engage your transverse abdominus (the inner layer of your core muscles that acts as a “safety belt” around your waist as well as your back, abdomen and pelvic floor muscles. So remember to trainTraining in Phuke - Tiger Gym your core and improve your posture, balance and performance!

About marcus manzir

Health and fitness trainer
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