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Welcome to Marcus Fitness

My love for martial arts started at a very young age. I became an enthusiast for the combative martial arts. From the first time I watch UFC in 1993 I became obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts. Since there was no MMA at that time. I went to different Dojo’s to learn from different disciplines. I tried all the disciplines there was to offer. I fell in love with MuayThai, Boxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I practiced all the different arts religiously everyday. I became really good at these different disciplines but I still wasn’t proficient at MMA just yet.

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Then I came across Jeet Kune Do Concepts. It all became clear and it made complete sense to me. I was able to put together all the different arts into one. I started inviting different martial artists from different discipline to come train MMA with me. My training partners very soon became my students and I started teaching them what I have taught myself using my form of MMA. With the knowledge and background from all these combative sports I was able to learn and develop skills to help my students to get into incredible fight shape. And I carried this into now my fitness clients and help them achieve and go through a complete transformation.

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