Client Comments

What some clients have to say…………

Kate“I have found Marcus to be an extraordinary physical trainer of immense versatility, intelligence and discipline. Every work out is effective and different but also a huge amount of fun. Marcus is dedicated to his clients and passionate about the skills he shares and this enthusiasm is contagious. Marcus is particularly good at finding the best way to motivate his students and knows just how far to push them to get the most out of their workout whilst still learning new skills and laughing a lot ! I am very happy to highly recommend Marcus to anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight and de-stress in a safe and happy environment.” – Kate


Bev“Marcus is an amazing trainer, he trained me on a platform where I felt comfortable with while giving me an effective workout. He made both the fitness and kickboxing sessions real fun. He knows exactly when to progress and when to regress each exercise according to my fitness level.” – Bev




ronnie“Thai Boxing was always something I wanted to try but had always found intimidating. After my first session with Marcus, I gained the confidence and skill set to really commit myself to this amazing sport! Marcus is an incredibly professional, resourceful trainer and his knowledge of Muaythai unparalleled by any other instructor that I’ve met in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Canada! I highly recommend Marcus Fitness & Martial Arts to anyone!” – Ronnie Rae



Adele“I’m glad to have Marcus as my personal trainer. After a long day at work with a low energy level. He is still able to motivate me and make the session fun. He has tons of experience and assessed my fitness level immediately. We have set my health and fitness goal together and happy to see such great results so quickly. With Marcus in my corner I am confident he will help me get in shape just like he did with his other clients.” – Adele



May AuYeung

“I have great fun training with Marcus. He has a great sense of humor and know exactly how to push me. The most intriguing part of my training is his ability to motivate and use different tools that is beneficial to me.  I have tried different trainers in the past but with Marcus’s unique approach and training methods I am able to see immediate results.” – May



“I use to be overweight and unmotivated to do exercise. I realize I will require a lot of help. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have at my age, if it was not for the personal attention given in my training sessions by Marcus. He is always encouraging and has vast knowledge of his profession.”

– Julianna



Screenshot_2013-12-24-16-42-37Kristjan – Professional Dance Instructor and Competitor